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Laura Starita, managing editor of Philanthropy Action, reported on her experience at the Global Philanthropy Forum 8th Annual Conference in Alliance magazine. Her candid observations illuminate the challenges faced by the investor community to address the numerous and varied nuanced issues associated with philanthropy. Despite her apparent disappointment with the lack of tangible answers, she concludes that the conference was indeed a success:

The goal of the meetings, says president Jane Wales, is to create ‘learning communities’ to complement the ‘perpetual matchmaking’ she does to connect members with like interests. By that measure, the event seems a success: 83 per cent of conference respondents report that they call on fellow attendees when developing giving strategies.

To read the full article, visit Alliance magazine’s Conference Reports: Global Philanthropy Forum.

To watch conference sessions online, visit the Global Philanthropy Forum 2009 Conference Videos.

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Tactical Philanthropy has a great post today inspired by a creative article Jacob Harold (of Hewlett Foundation) wrote for Alliance Magazine about what philanthropy can learn from farmer’s markets.

Jacob argues that we need to reframe the way we think about markets, for “If markets fail the private sector, why should they work for civil society?”

Sean Stannard-Stockton at TP sums up Jacob’s lessons for philanthropy in four points :

  • First, and most critically, farmers’ markets offer open information.
  • Second, buyers at farmers’ markets are focused on finding value for money.
  • Third, farmers’ markets offer simple, intuitive infrastructure that enables smart, safe transactions.
  • Finally, farmers’ markets offer a culture of frank friendliness.

Sean concludes, saying, “Jacob does us a great service by evoking the image of the Farmer’s Market to remind us that the core principals of markets is not financial derivatives, overpaid executives and excessive debt, it is people coming together to exchange those things which they value dearly.”

A thought provoking essay as our understanding and appreciation for the word ‘market’ continues to shift in this difficult financial climate…

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