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The America Forward Blog highlights an interesting piece by Mitch Landrieu and Andrew Wolk on the need for social entrepreneurship in this country, especially in the face of these difficult economic times.  They argue that the Obama Administration’s ability  “to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship will be crucial to maximizing the use of our resources and determining, finally, what works and what does not.”  A topic very much on our minds as the planning for the new White House Office on Social Innovation begins…

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Andrew Wolk has an interesting post on his blog today that stresses the critical need to prioritize data in our efforts to advance a social innovation agenda for the country.  He credits our CEO & President, Jane Wales, for her leadership in advising the planning of the new White House Office of  Social Innovation, and identifies two major data issues that deserve its focus:

1. The “first challenge” is the better use of current data, including how and what we collect

2.  And the second – and far more complex –  challenge is  the need to develop some type of taxonomy that lets us drive performance based on agreed-upon indicators for different social issues.


Paul Brest has a great post on this from yesterday that goes further in-depth on the need to incorporate standard metrics across the nonprofit world to better measure impact.

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