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The 8th Annual Global Philanthropy Forum Conference kicked off today in Washington, DC with an opening keynote by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, who reminded GPF members that this conference is about borderless giving. She urged them to transcend national and societal boundaries as they seek long-term solutions to the problems they confront. In her remarks, she used the example of education and emphasized that “quality education is everyone’s responsibility” and requires the involvement of all societal sectors. She argued that education is one of the most powerful mechanisms to alleviate poverty and promote health, tolerance and peace. She ended by challenging participants to create more innovative partnerships for investing in education abroad as it “gives us the chance to lift all generations and bridge the gaps that divide us around the world.”

The Global Philanthropy Forum is a community of innovative and strategic givers focused on creating systemic change throughout the world. They are also teachers and students that convene at the GPF Annual Conference to share their knowledge, learn from each other’s experiences, reflect together and create lasting partnerships for tackling some of the world’s most complex problems. GPF members are focused on how social change is driven and the role they can most effectively play.

This year, we have gathered to explore the ways in which the philanthropic sector can leverage its flexibility through strategic partnerships to address interconnected crises that every country – its government and its people – now face. They include poverty at home and abroad, climate change, uneven access to affordable healthcare and quality education, and the risk of state failure in the wake of conflict.

That we have convened the Annual Conference in Washington, DC this year – a center of great power, policy and promise, but also a center of great poverty in the US – is in itself significant.  It speaks directly to what one GPF member, Brizio Biondi-Mora, CEO of the AVINA Foundation, noted this morning in the “How to Make the Most of the Global Philanthropy Forum” session when he said that we are living in a world where local occurrences and crises are shaped by global systems and synergies. (…click here to read the post in its entirety)

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