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Pakistan released nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan on Friday – the former head of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, and a man who has admitted to transferring nuclear secrets to other countries. According to a BBC article, the US continues to regard Dr. Khan as a “serious proliferation risk.”

Here at the Council, we recently hosted writers Catherine Collins and Douglas Frantz, formerly of the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, as they detailed the sequence of events that allowed one man to lay the groundwork for Pakistan to become a nuclear-armed country. According to their book, The Nuclear Jihadist, the acquisition of nuclear technologies and expertise to assemble functioning bombs by Iran, Libya, North Korea, and Pakistan, can be traced to one source: Abdul Qadeer Khan. From his earliest days working in a Dutch research laboratory through his flight to Pakistan to spearhead its nuclear program, US and foreign intelligence authorities watched A.Q. Khan and could have stopped him from smuggling technology and blueprints to other countries, but were thwarted or ignored by political leaders who chose to concentrate on what they believed to be more immediate strategic priorities.  Watch the full program below, or click here to skip to different chapters.

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