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Just this morning, former President Clinton released for the first time his complete donor list.  Over 200,000 donor names appear, all having given to his foundation since 1997.  The publication of the list is one piece of a nine-part agreement with President-Elect Obama to dispel any concerns of a conflict of interest if Senator Hillary Clinton is confirmed as Secretary of State. The complete list is posted on the Clinton Foundation site, which seems to have crashed this morning from all of the traffic.

An article in today’s NY Times goes into further detail on specific donors and dollar amounts – Saudia Arabia and other foreign governments gave a total of $46 million.  The article shares several intriguing stories about individual donors and their relationship to President Clinton around the time of their donation.  It also discusses how the other 8 parts of Obama’s agreement will curtail Clinton’s activities.

Jane Wales, our President & CEO, continues to serve as Working Group Chair of the Poverty Alleviation Track for the Clinton Global Initiative. Watch videos from this year’s conference here.

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