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We stand at a critical crossroads on the global stage. Our most pressing issues — from economic competitiveness to climate change, from global health to stemming the proliferation of advanced weapons — will require unprecedented levels of collaboration and engagement by all sectors of US society, including the private and citizen sectors. Government alone cannot solve all of our critical problems.

In this context, the World Affairs Council of Northern California has a unique role to play.

The World Affairs Council and its Global Philanthropy Forum create a space where diverse audiences engage in dialogue that can inform their actions. Policy makers, business executives, philanthropists, academics, students, civic leaders and an attentive public join in the Council’s programs to listen, learn discuss and debate – deepening understanding and finding solutions.

Here in this blog, my colleagues and I at the Council will share with you some of the stories and insights that we are privileged to experience through our position at the nexus of policy and philanthropy. We will be reporting from the Global Philanthropy Forum, the Aspen Institute, the Clinton Global Initiative, and from events here at the Council, in the news, and elsewhere. I hope that this will be an effective way to continue the engaged debate for which the Council was created, and that the stories shared, issues discussed, and challenges posed in this forum will inspire you to approach our global challenges with your open mind and enterprising spirit, for those are the characteristics that define our remarkable community.

Jane Wales

President & CEO, World Affairs Council
President & Co-Founder, Global Philanthropy Forum
Vice President, Philanthropy & Society, The Aspen Institute
Working Group Chair, Poverty Alleviation, Clinton Global Initiative

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