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Less than a week after President Barack Obama introduced a new national HIV and AIDS strategy, the International AIDS Conference began in Vienna. UNAIDS Executive Director Michele Sidibe unveiled Treatment 2.0, an initiative that will try to bring down the cost of life-saving medicines, make drug regimens less complicated and simplify the process of HIV treatment.

On Wednesday, July 28 the US Global AIDS Coordinator, Ambassador Eric Goosby, will be at the Council to outline Obama’s new AIDS strategy. To register for the program, visit our website here.

For more information about the AIDS Conference, read this article from Voice of America. To learn more about the new national plan, listen to this episode of KQED’s Forum.

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This morning at 10am San Francisco time, Michael Krasny Dave Iverson interviewed Jane Wales on KQED’s FORUM along with NY Times reporter Tim Weiner about their thoughts on Obama’s pick of Leon Panetta for Director of the CIA, and the future of the organization more generally.  The audio copy of the broadcast should be posted here soon.

Obama’s pick is a controversial one, and a Washington Post article today explains some of the disagreement. And the NY Times Caucus blog from last night elaborates.

Jane drew on her experience as former Senior Director of the National Security Council, and Tim from the research he gathered in writing his book, “Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA.”  Tim spoke here at the World Affairs Council in September of 2007 on this same  subject.

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