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Today, the New York Times released its list of the top ten books of the year. The top two non-fiction works listed are The Dark Side by Jane Mayer, and The Forever War by Dexter Filkins both authors that spoke here at the World Affairs Council in the past few months. Listen to their talks here and here, respectively.

On The Dark Side, the NY Times writes:
“Mayer’s meticulously reported descent into the depths of President Bush’s anti­terrorist policies peels away the layers of legal and bureaucratic maneuvering that gave us Guantánamo Bay, “extraordinary rendition,” “enhanced” interrogation methods, “black sites,” warrantless domestic surveillance and all the rest. But Mayer also describes the efforts of unsung heroes, tucked deep inside the administration, who risked their careers in the struggle to balance the rule of law against the need to meet a threat unlike any other in the nation’s history.”

And on Filkins and The Forever War:
“The New York Times correspondent, whose tours of duty have taken him from Afghanistan in 1998 to Iraq during the American intervention, captures a decade of armed struggle in harrowingly detailed vignettes. Whether interviewing jihadists in Kabul, accompanying marines on risky patrols in Falluja or visiting grieving families in Baghdad, Filkins makes us see, with almost hallucinogenic immediacy, the true human meaning and consequences of the ‘war on terror.’ (First Chapter)”

There’s also a great interview with Mayer from the July edition of Harper’s Magazine, and one with Filkins in the September issue of The Atlantic.

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