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From the myth of Mother Korea and her children to that of the Dear Leader and “Yankee Colony” to the south, there has been little discussion, and much less understanding in the Western world of North Korea’s official ideology and worldview.

While many have characterized the nation’s beliefs too absurd to take seriously, what should we know about how North Koreans perceive their leadership, unique moral purity and “military-first” policy? Moreover, what can these values tell us about the likelihood of future disarmament talks working between the US and North Korea?

To gain more insight into the “Child Race”, the personality cult of the two Kim’s, and popular anti-American tale, entitled Jackals, join the Council  on Thursday, February 11 for a discussion with B.R. Myers on the origins of North Korea’s national myths, and how the nation’s propaganda can shed light on its relationship to the outside world.

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David Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent for The New York Times, drew a large and attentive audience to our auditorium last night for his lecture, “The World Obama Confronts.” Although accounts of the Iraq War often focus on its direct costs, Sanger, in his lecture and recently published first book, The Inheritance, explores the depth of the potentially greater opportunity costs. He argues that many challenges Obama currently faces stem from imminent threats in Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran that had been ignored by the previous administration while fighting the War in Iraq. The award-winning veteran reporter provides extensive knowledge of the “costs of distraction” inherited from the previous administration that Obama is now only beginning to confront, as well insight into current issues including the Iranian elections, North Korea’s nuclear test, and challenges in the newspaper and publishing industries.

To learn more about the challenges Obama faces in Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran, listen to the full program here.

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Today, the Council on Foreign Relations hosted the first session of the Center for Preventative Action Symposium on preventative priorities for the next administration. Madeleine K. Albright, Principal, The Albright Group and former U.S. Secretary of State, moderated the event with CFR President Richard N. Haass. Interestingly, panels throughout the day did not focus heavily on the global financial crisis, threats posed by Al-Qaeda, wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, Iranian or North Korean nuclear ambitions, climate change, or any other major threats that the news has focused on so heavily. Rather, the day focused on the importance of crisis prevention – of anticipating threats not even yet on the horizon, rather than on immediate issues. Madeleine Albright and other panelists make a thought-provoking case.

Watch the event here.

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