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The Skoll Foundation and three other organizations (PopTech, ideablob, and Civic Ventures) are pooling their data to create an open database that will “allow philanthropists, investors, press, and fellow entrepreneurs to find social entrepreneur’s based on keyword, location, cause area, population served, and a variety of other factors, ” according to the Social Actions website.   Jill Finlayson, Marketing Manager for Social Edge, says that the goal of the site is to “provide an easier way for people to find, invest in, and support social entrepreneurs,” and thereby increase impact.  The database should be up an running by July 2009.

The Chonicle of Philanthropy’s Give and Take section has a post on this, as does Lucy Bernholz on her Philanthropy 2173 blog.  Click here to read about our 2009 GPF Social Entrepreneurs.

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Lucy Bernholz, in her blog Philanthropy 2173, has listed our GPF conference as one of three still worth attending in this difficult economic climate.  She writes,

“GPF… is rooted in the pervasive global realities of our social economy. Donors, social investors, nonprofits, public agencies, multilateral organizations, social entrepreneurs, elected and appointed officials – these are the core participants at GPF. Their conversations about how to work together, partner across sectors, balance competing strengths, and reckon with cultural similarities and differences are fundamental characteristics of our times.”

The other two  conferences named are NetSquared and N2Y4.  As we gear up for the next GPF conference beginning in just two days, it is energizing to see such positive feedback.

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