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Is the Russian political system best understood as a “managed democracy” and who is managing it—President Medvedev or Prime Minister Putin? What are the implications for U.S.-Russian relations? After his visit to Moscow earlier this month, has Obama successfully “reset” relations with Russia and what must he do to improve future relations between the two countries? How have both Europe and Russia responded to initial overtures by President Obama and the new administration since the beginning of 2009?  Journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anne Applebaum joined the Council last night to share her interpretation and analysis of Russia’s relations with the United States, Europe, its neighbors, and current political issues within the country. For her full talk, listen or watch recordings here at our online archive. For more on these issues be sure to check back when Applebaum’s husband, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, joins the Council on August 5, 2009 for our Richard & Judith Guggenhime Speaker Series.

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