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Renu Mehta,  a former model (and member of the  Global Philanthropy Forum community!), is working hard to change the face of British Philanthropy.  Together with Sir James Mirrlees, a Nobel Prize winner in economics, they have come up with a new scheme for directing billions of dollars toward ending global poverty.  An article yesterday in the The Independent reads:

“The scheme, which has the support of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, … is simple. Ms Mehta and Sir James hope to persuade the G8 governments to return 50 per cent of any private donation in the form of tax breaks, and then make up the difference from their own aid budgets.”

On March 3rd, Mehta and James will gather roughly 100 of the world’s richest people (worth $1 billion or more) in Dorchester, in central London to “begin the process of shaking billions of dollars out of them.”

Mehta and James hope that this simple scheme will help governments meet their foreign aid targets without costing them – or taxpayers – any extra money.

Renu Mehta launched her own organization – Fortune Forum – in 2006 to leverage resources effectively in the fight against poverty, environmental degradation, and HIV/AIDS.

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