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Jeff Skoll, the first President of Ebay, has given $100 million dollars to start a new foundation called the Skoll Urgent Threats Fund.  According to a NY Times article yesterday, the organization will address urgent crises such as water shortages, pandemics and the Middle East conflict.  The Urgent Threats Fund will be led by former Google philanthropy guru Larry Brilliant (see our blog post here), and is intended to leverage the work done by the rest of the Skoll Foundation in supporting and celebrating social entrepreneurs.

“What I’ve been aiming at all these years is to try and address these big social issues in the world,” Mr. Skoll said, “but in the last five years or so, certain issues have emerged very clearly that, if we don’t get ahead of them soon, all of the other things we’re trying to do, whether improving the lives of women or preservation of species or girls’ education, won’t really matter.”

Mr. Skoll is making a name for himself in pioneering new means of using philanthropy for social good, and we hope his innovation inspires further creativity.

Watch Jeff Skoll speak at last year’s GPF here, and listen to Larry Brilliant’s GPF remarks here.

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