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Washington Post Associate Editor and Chief Foreign Correspondent Jim Hoagland joined the North American Forum again this year as a participant.  One of his most recent columns draws from this year’s discussions at the Forum in Ottawa and advises President Obama to work with Canada and Mexico to form a “more perfect economic union to deal with a lingering international financial crisis that drains the U.S. dollar of value and credibility and that fuels rising unemployment.”

Read the full piece here.

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As the collapse of Madoff’s ponzi scheme sets in, more and more people are trying to make sense of it.  From irresponsibility, to greed, to shame and a host of other factors, there is someone out there talking about it.

Two interesting pieces appeared today analyzing the meltdown from insightful, but distinct perspectives.  An article in Forbes examines the implications for philanthropy and philanthropists in the wake of Madoff and in our new economic climate more generally, from the viewpoints of several members of Forbes’ Investor Team.  Another piece, in today’s Washington Post, was contributed by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield.  He urges us to use the Madoff scandal as a lesson demonstrating the need for greater compassion, honesty and transparency in the field.  Interesting food for thought…

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Philanthropist and billionaire Bill Gates spoke in Washington DC yesterday encouraging President-Elect Obama to increase spending. Even in the midst of this financial crisis, Gates urged us not to lose sight of our future and not to sacrifice our long-term goals for short-term gain. He encouraged Obama to follow through on his campaign commitment to double U.S. foreign aid to $50 billion in his first year.

An article covering the speech in today’s Washington Post paints Gates as a new philanthropist: someone who “is pioneering a new approach to philanthropy, applying the risk-taking and results-based philosophy of an entrepreneur to solving some of the world’s most chronic problems.” This is the very same approach applied by members of our Global Philanthropy Forum – a community of donors and social investors that seek to inform, enable, and enhance the strategic nature of their giving and social investing. It’s good to see major media venues talking about this ‘new philanthropy’, and we hope it helps elevate broader understanding of what it means to be strategic in one’s giving.

Watch Gates’ speech here. And read the Global Philanthropy Forum online debate on new philanthropy, or ‘philanthrocapitalism‘ – the practice of applying business metrics to philanthropy – here.

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