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A guest post on Tactical Philanthropy this week elaborates on the rise in women’s philanthropy that we discussed in our May 18th postSarah Hall of New Philanthropy Advisors outlines “six principles of high-engagement womens philanthropy”.  We particularly like #3:

“Women are willing to start at the beginning, allowing their energy for the mission to propel them through the earliest learning stages. They become deeply engaged in the process of learning, are willing to be perceived as novices, and tend to be open not only to ideas, but to getting things done in unconventional ways.”

We recommend reading the full post at Tactical Philanthropy, and be sure to check back soon for more posts on this theme.

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A post from Lynn Sherr this weekend highlights the recent rise in women’s philanthropy, even while overall charitable giving seems to be on the decline.  She highlights the recent success of the Women Moving Millions challenge campaign that raised $176 million for programs to improve the lives of girls and women around the world.  The article quotes Jennifer Buffet, co-chair of the NoVo Foundation, as saying,

“Women define wealth differently from men.  For women, it’s about the health of community, the health of the family, the quality of life. […] And men? “For men it’s more of a competitive game.”

Over and over again, we’ve seen evidence that investing in women and girls has enormously positive dividends for communities as a whole, not just the individuals directly targeted.  One donor from Women Moving Millions said, “Instead of safety nets, we need trampolines.” She’s right – let’s give women the means to launch themselves forward, not just catch them when they fall.

Watch Jennifer Buffet and her husband Peter at last month’s Global Philanthropy Forum in DC here.

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