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From the myth of Mother Korea and her children to that of the Dear Leader and “Yankee Colony” to the south, there has been little discussion, and much less understanding in the Western world of North Korea’s official ideology and worldview.

While many have characterized the nation’s beliefs too absurd to take seriously, what should we know about how North Koreans perceive their leadership, unique moral purity and “military-first” policy? Moreover, what can these values tell us about the likelihood of future disarmament talks working between the US and North Korea?

To gain more insight into the “Child Race”, the personality cult of the two Kim’s, and popular anti-American tale, entitled Jackals, join the Council  on Thursday, February 11 for a discussion with B.R. Myers on the origins of North Korea’s national myths, and how the nation’s propaganda can shed light on its relationship to the outside world.

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